Nutrition for Sports

Does this sound familiar ?

You exercise regularly, whether through cardio training or resistance/strength training :

  • Crossfit
  • Gym routines
  • Running & trail running
  • Cycling & mountain cycling
  • Padel…

You understand the importance of nutrition in relation to exercise and want to manage your energy intake on a deeper level

You want to improve performance while protecting your health 

You want to enhance muscle growth

Why is a sports diet beneficial for you ?
  • To improve your performance in sports : it is crucial to synchronise your nutrition plan with your training plan
  • Nutritional calculations  : adjusting your macros can allow you to get better results
  • Make sure you assimilate nutrients correctly 
  • Difference between male & female individuals in sports : need for accurate & personal coaching
  • To help you compete or jump to next level in your practice
  • Age and hormonal changes can affect performance : navigating that time period can require an adjustment in your nutritional plan
When should you start using our services ?

It’s not necessary compete in World championships or Olympic Games to start calling yourself an athlete, if you practice a sport on a regular basis, you’re already one ! As part of your training, you can definitely take advantage of personalized sports nutrition recommendations :

  • To ensure your diet fits your athletic nutritional requirements
  • To increase muscle mass
  • To prepare a competition or a special sports event
  • At the onset of menopause (for women) & andropause (for men), to adjust to the hormonal change while keeping your performance
How can we help you ?
  • Assessment of your situation : training plan, food, sleep, stress, state of microbiome
  • Define key indicators for progress : body measuring + impedance measurement scale
  • Combine nutrition plan & training plan : what to eat before/after effort
  • Adaptation of plan based on your feedback regarding physical & mental state : how do you feel before/after training (tired, hungry, energetic…)
  • Macros calculations & adjustments based on type of effort and objectives
  • Checking your physiological levels in micronutrients : with the help of a blood test, to validate the need of supplementation
  • Apply anti-inflammatory rules to sports diet : crucial to ensure adequate intake of micronutrients
How is Wellnuuts different ?

Losing weight and gaining muscle requires precision in your lifestyle, and also depends of how ambitious your goals are. You need energy to sustain the effort, and since the right fuel comes from the right food, we help you to solve that equation.

We are here to guide and accompany you to achieve your goals as easily as possible. But also avoiding potential errors in the process, that would have a negative impact on your health in the short, medium and long term.

the Wellnuuts team

certified Dietician-Nutritionists

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