Nutrition for Weight Loss

Does this sound familiar ?

“I don’t feel good in my body or clothes and my silhouette changed”

“I went through multiple weight loss diets but ended up with added weight over the years”

“I feel anxious towards food, I have a hard time controlling my behaviour around food”

“I gained weight after a pregnancy” 

“I gained weight during menopause

“I would like to go back to exercising more, but my current weight is making it complicated”

“I feel tired all the time, I think losing weight could help”

“I feel bloated all the time and/or I have digestive issues and I can’t lose weight”

Why start to loose weight ?

Losing weight affects many spheres of your life : 

PHYSICAL : you want to feel good in your favourite clothes, even if weight gives an idea of your fitness situation, focusing on figure and well-being is key

  • to make you feel more energetic.
  • to allow you to go back to sports in a safe way, protecting your joints, heart & blood vessels
  • to find your ideal weight and maintain it long term

MENTAL : to give you more confidence & mental clarity 

PHYSIOLOGICAL : to set your health markers back to their normal range. Losing weight is not only about aesthetic reasons : the presence of visceral fat negatively affects your health, leading to hormone affectation, fatigue, premature ageing…

When should you start using our services ?

When stepping into a new life phase, to feel better in your body and mind

If you feel you need coaching to accompany you through change implementation.

Change can be hard, and is meant to be long term, we give you a hand with that. We help you get to know yourself better, in order to successfully apply the changes towards your personal goals.

How can we help you ?

We approach weight loss in a healthy & progressive way, meant to be long term and sustainable in time :

  • Rebalance better than restrict
  • Preserving hormones level and function
  • Without starving yourself : control of caloric restriction time period
  • Nutrition plan + personalised guidance and recommendations

We make sure that all our content is adapted to your :

  • age
  • lifestyle
  • culinary culture and/or religion
  • the number of people you share meals with at home
  • personal tastes 
  • time spent in the kitchen
How is Wellnuuts different ?

There is an enormous amount of information about nutrition on the Internet, and it is not always easy to distinguish the true from the false. We give you the keys to independence when it comes to nutritional knowledge, using science-based facts and tools, always with the goal of protecting your health.

The basis of our work is anti-inflammatory nutrition, and we use as many basic and unprocessed foods as possible to elaborate our meal plans.

The weight loss process doesn’t have to be expensive, arduous or force you to eat strange things you don’t like. Even with little time to spend in the kitchen, by simply planning your diet and adopting healthy habits, it is possible to achieve very good results.

the Wellnuuts team

certified Dietician-Nutritionists

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