Nutritional Check-up for Employees

Help your employee – Improve your results – Grow your business 

What is the Nutritional Check-up for employees ?

Being accompanied by dietitians-nutritionists specialized in integrative nutrition enables your employees to progress towards their personal goals, taking into account their particular needs (work, lifestyle, tastes, genetics…). The most dynamic companies have understood the importance of supporting their employees to provide them with the optimal environment and conditions to perform on a daily basis. The WELLNUUTS Nutritional Check-up includes individual sessions in order to define together with the employee : the objectives, the action plan, as well as all the indications and guidelines to obtain lasting results.

Who is the Nutricional Check-up for ?

Whether you work in a multinational or manage a small/medium-sized company, the advice of an Integrative Nutrition Coach can help you optimize your employees’ energy. We live in a fast-paced, demanding world, and it’s the coach’s role to work one-on-one with the employee to define the best action plan for his or her professional situation, but also to optimize personal resources. An employee who is happy and energetic at work transmits dynamism to colleagues and teams, and plays an active part in the company’s growth.

Benefits of working with a Wellnuuts Nutrition Coach

From public figures (politician, singer, actor…) to corporate executives, the best often surround themselves with coaches to support their performance. The coach not only sets personal objectives and defines the action plan, but accompanies them on the road to changing their habits.

In the case of a company, the coach helps to identify the limits that can block the employee’s evolution towards well-being, as well as the company’s development.

When you surround yourself with certified nutrition professionals in your company, here are the results you can expect :

Feel more energetic on a daily basis

Being in top shape every morning to face your professional tasks is what every entrepreneur and manager aspires to nowadays. Learning to avoid nutritional mistakes, defining good habits personalized and aligned with your objective together with a professional is what allows you to reach your goals.

Increased mental performance

Having the highest mental performance is key to optimizing your activity on a daily basis. Science has taught us the importance of the gut-brain axis. Properly nourishing your body has a key impact on your ability to make the best decisions, with greater clarity and full awareness. Learn to know which nutrients are best for you in order to be at the peak of your capabilities. 

Dealing better with stress & emotions

Leaders must always be prepared for fluctuations in economic and market conditions, especially in the times we live in now. One of the advantages of nutritional coaching services is that they encourage you to be in peak shape to thrive in challenging times.

With an expert nutrition and integrative health professional, you can apply exercises and habits to help you manage stress and emotions.

Keep teams satisfied & retain talents

A successful company is a good team, yet today recruiting and retaining talent is a struggle for many employers. Working with a nutrition coach offers the opportunity to help your teams take care of themselves in order to grow within your organization. Nutritional and wellness coaching services provided by health professionals help you create a culture of care, optimize the dynamism of your teams and retain your high performing employees. 

Give yourself the highest chance of success !

Take the first step to sustainable growth for your company and a happier, more productive team.

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