Nutrition & Cancer treatment

What's important before starting cancer treatments ?

You have been diagnosed with cancer or a tumor.

What is very important is to take advantage of those 3 weeks between the announcement of the disease and the beginning of aggressive treatments to make a personalized analysis and define a plan of action.

It is essential to use this time of assimilation of the news, anguish, reflection, organizational changes, medical examinations and communication with the environment to define the necessary tools to activate all the maximum resources of the body.

And thus limit the side effects and optimize the effectiveness of medical protocols.

The body is very capable and knows how to repair itself, every day it eliminates or repairs old or damaged cells
Why work on nutrition during cancer ?

When a cancer is diagnosed, the body no longer responds to self-repair. That is why we have to help it with chemistry. In addition, today we have a wide range of tools and complementary therapies that we can use in order to increase the body’s immune defenses, and to accompany you on this path.

Nutrition is one key that can help you to :

  • Limit certain side effects (fatigue, burns, digestive disorders…)
  • Optimize the action of chemical protocols
  • Allow an optimal quality of life given the situation
  • Favor an optimal recovery
How can we help you ?

Personalized analysis at 360º

  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Social situation
  • Emotional state

Action plan definition

  • Meal plan
  • Physical activity plan, adapted to health state
  • Social life tips
  • Emotional action plan


  • According to your needs
  • Online or face-to-face
  • Weekly or bi-monthly
  • 2 – 3 month renewable plans
Cathy's expertise

“We have developed this coaching service because since my initial training in human nutrition, I’ve been wanting to specialize in Onco Dietetics. A few years later, life decided to put me to the test when I was diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to my training in Nutrition and anti-aging medicine, I was able to combine allopathic medicine along with many alternative medicine tools to heal herself.

I did a 360º work on chemical treatments, nutrition, physical activity, emotional and mental management. Thanks to all this I was able to go through the treatments with hardly any side effects and with a lot of energy throughout the treatments, something that surprised me a lot. I then realized that everything counted in these situations.

Today I want to share this experience to be able to guide you so that your path is the best possible. Depending on your situation, I can give you the tools to help your body to be as strong as possible to limit the side effects as well as to allow a better efficacy of allopathic treatments.”


certified Dietician-Nutritionist & specialist in oncodietetic

How does it work ?

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