Coaching for Executives

You’re a company manager or executive who wants to be healthy & energetic to support your busy lifestyle, but you feel that there are things to improve in that regard.

Do you recognize yourself here ?


I try to eat healthy but I’m not sure it suits me 100%. Am I  making the right nutritional choices ? At home, at work and at the restaurant ?


I have a lot of stress, both professionally and personally, and I would like to manage it better and find a balance


I travel a lot and it’s difficult to keep a nutritional balance between airport transits and eating out or at the hotel all the time. I also struggle to find healthy food options in the countries I visit


My agenda is really tight and I struggle to find time to work out or exercise. Sometimes I feel too tired or lack motivation


Since a few years ago I feel that my body is not performing at its highest energy level. I am often tired and get sick easily

What if this was you instead ?

Waking up with energy to tackle the day

No feelings of cravings or sleepiness in the afternoon

No bloating or digestive discomfort

You cope with stressful and unexpected events with calm and serenity

You enjoy exercising & book the time to do it

Your clothes fit like they used to

You feel like yourself again and confident about the future

We help you reach your peak performance 

working on the 5 pillars of Preventive Health :

  1. Nutrition
  2. Physical activity
  3. Stress management
  4. Immunity 
  5. Genetics 

International environment : we speak ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH

Presencial or

Online sessions

Expertise in Integrative Nutrition, our knowledge is 100% science-based

Testimonials from our executive clients

I often find myself in very stressful situations where eating is a challenge for me. Thanks to Cathy, I have learned to manage these situations and am able to eat properly even during these hard moments. Cathy has given me very valuable tips and alternatives. She has also helped me adapt to age related hormonal changes and turn food into a ally. I am ever so grateful for her help !

CEO of an international events company

I work in industrial engineering, and last year I was expatriated to France to open a subsidiary of my company, originally based in Barcelona. The first few months were very difficult in terms of workload, pressure and fatigue, both physical and mental. I was traveling a lot between Barcelona and France at the time, and lost the rhythm both in terms of diet and physical activity. Eating very badly and in an unstructured way, with no time for sport, I gradually put on weight. I also realized the negative impact of poor nutrition on my mental state. This is what I appreciated most about Wellnuuts, as I now know which foods to choose in order to keep my physical and mental capacities at their peak.

Program Manager of an aeronautical engineering company (France)

How does it work ?


We analise your nutrition, lifestyle & set together your objectives for the coaching


We create your Action Plan, personalized Menu, Nutrition & Lifestyle recommendations


Habits don't change overnight, we help you progressively to reach your goal

The team’s experience

We know what you’re going through, because we’ve been there too

My initial training is technician in food industry and biotechnology, and for several years I worked as such in commercial and managerial positions.

After having my two daughters, I decided to move towards a career more related to people, and after going back to school I qualified as a Dietician-Nutritionist in France. 

After personally going through some health problems, I also developed a passion for Preventive Health. To enable me to continue in this direction, I went into entrepreneurship and opened my own company. 
Of course it has been challenging to balance my personal and new professional lives, but it also makes me see very clearly how our customers could benefit from that type of coaching today.

What I love about my job is discovering the habits and personal situations of our customers, and helping them to get the best out of themselves. The fact that I’ve lived abroad, currently in Spain and previously in Canada, makes it easy for me to adapt to the cultures of our international customers”


“Before becoming a Dietician-Nutritionist, I worked as an aeronautical engineer. I worked for an American aircraft engine manufacturer in Canada before moving to Airbus in France. 

My last position as a Project Manager in Airbus had a strong international dimension, with French, Spanish and German teams collaborating to build a new aircraft factory in China. 

This involved numerous trips and visits abroad, and it was sometimes a challenge to stay consistent with my nutrition and sports practice, especially when going back and forth to China.

In retrospect, I would have really benefited from having been better informed about integrative health. First, to fly long hours to the other side of the world and cope with jet lag, while remaining energetic enough to cope with long working hours and lead important meetings. And secondly, to better manage the stress and pressure of working to deadlines in an industrial environment”