Discover the team behind Wellnuuts

Meet our team, discover how Wellnuuts was born and what is our work philosophy. We give you an insight of the principles we abide by and what motivates us in our work

We are Cathy & Camille, founders of Wellnuuts. We both reconverted from very different careers (food industry for Cathy and engineering for Camille) to follow a path that resonated more with our personal aspirations and values. We share the same passion for food, health and the research on how to optimize your lifestyle to achieve longevity.

Our philosophy in a nutshell : eat better to age better.

Our team relies on the high complementarity between our two profiles. As a matter of fact we both specialized in different areas of nutrition, to be able to offer the best services and adapt to the various customers we meet in our daily life. Together, we increase our capacity to accompany our customers with a 360º approach, always basing our methods & techniques on science and updated research materials.


Having grown up in a multicultural family in France and lived in Spain for more than 20 years, food has always been very important in my life. Since I was a child I spent a lot of time learning and creating new recipes but also experimenting with the effects that each of them had on my body. I chose a career connected to food, as it allowed me to get to know the food industry and to see with my own eyes how ultra-processed many products are nowadays.
For years I worked for various companies in positions of responsibility where I had to travel a lot, which left little time to devote to my own diet. So I set out to teach myself what foods could give me the energy I needed to do my job to the best of my ability and give my family the attention I wanted to give them. 
Several health episodes ranging from simple digestive troubles to hormonal concerns and then a cancer, have led me to better understand the body’s capabilities and the mechanisms related to immunity. Going through this increased my motivation to study nutrition & integrative medicine. This process gave sense to my life : by accompanying sick people, as well as promoting prevention and therefore avoid to the greatest number to repeat my mistakes. Today science can help us to deviate our health trajectories so let’s take advantage of it.

My background

  • University degree in Biology applied to food industry, with a specialty in International Trade
  • Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist : degree of BTS in Dietetics & Nutrition 
  • DUMAA-University Diploma in Anti-Aging Medicine : I studied Preventive Medicine at the University of Paris-Est Créteil (France)
  • Positive Psychology : I am an Encouragement consultant trained with Kristian Orozco through the Lynn Lott method
  • Mindful Eating : with Dr. Lynn Rossy at the Center of Mindful Eating in the United States
  • Sports Nutrition : with the help of Anna Grífols – Nutriexper
  • Studying at ECIM in Paris : MicrobiomeImmunity and Integrative medicine

Food is a daily medicine that we take on multiple occasions without knowing all the benefits and risks associated with it.

Dr. Dalle


Originally from Finistère in Brittany, I grew up in a family with a passion for cooking and gastronomy. Some members of my family, inveterate travelers, gave me the taste and desire to discover the world beyond our borders. Over the years, I would have the opportunity to live abroad (in Canada, Australia and Spain) and travel the world. These opportunities introduced me to a variety of gastronomic and culinary cultures, an inspiration I draw on frequently in my work as a nutritionist.

Passionate about science from an early age, I’ve always been curious about the world around me and its mechanisms. My educational path led me to pursue scientific studies, which culminated in a double engineering degree, specializing in mechanics and aerospace.

I began my engineering career at Airbus production plants in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire. There I discovered many different ways of working and organizing projects in an industrial environment. My time in industry helped me to structure my way of thinking and gave me tools that I still apply in my new profession.

After a few years of practice, I decided to take another path. I wanted to give meaning to my career and work in a field closer to health and people. The dietician-nutritionist position offers me this possibility, and today my personal and professional aspirations are aligned.

My background

  • Aerospace EngineeringEngineering degree in Mechanical Design, with a specialty in Aircrafts & Aerospace
  • Worked in engineering positions in Airbus before changing career
  • Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist Degree : BTS in Dietetics & Nutrition
  • FODMAP specialty : to learn about the FODMAP diet and helping our clients navigate it
  • Sports Nutrition : NASM Nutritional Coaching program