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With our 100% science-based knowledge and 360º vision of health, we help you reach your peak performances by working on Nutrition & Lifestyle habits, according to your personal goals & needs

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We work on the 5 pillars of Preventive Health




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Our areas of expertise

Weight loss

You gained weight following a hormonal change. You changed your diet a while ago and you feel that your body is not functioning optimally. You wish to loose a few kilos and feel better physically and mentally

Anti-aging Nutrition

You are 45 to 50 years old, until now your body was responding 100% and you were feeling in shape. Now you have to adapt your habits, and you want to receive anti-aging advices to optimize your health and well-being

Sports Nutrition

You exercise on a regular basis and take care of your health in that regard. You feel that you could optimize your performance and physical response to effort. You have a competition or specific sports events for which you want to get ready

Nutrition & Cancer

You have been diagnosed or are suffering from cancer and you undergo oncological procedures such as chemotherapy & radiotherapy. You would like to optimize the potency of your treatments, reduce their side effects and improve your quality of life

The team’s experience

We know what you’re going through, because we’ve been there ourselves.

Testimonials from our clients

Before I started working with Wellnuuts I thought I was eating well. But when we started talking I realised that I had to adapt my diet to my age and the physical activity I do. I have been evolving very positively and very quickly. As soon as I changed my diet I started to feel less heavy after meals and more energy. After 3 months I also started to see results in my body at a muscular level.


After my first pregnancy I put on a lot of weight, and no matter how much I trained, I saw absolutely no results. I started working with Cathy at Wellnuuts, and I realised that my diet was very bad but I never felt judged by her. The good thing is that she doesn’t forbid you anything, she educates you and always finds solutions so that you can continue to eat what you like but in a healthier version for you.


I decided to work with Wellnuuts because the team is very up to date with the latest scientific research in nutrition and adapts to your professional life. I had started to gain weight after 40 without changing anything and they helped me to adapt my diet to the hormones of my age and to regain my figure. Thanks to Wellnuuts I have learned to eat healthier and they also gave me many guidelines to compensate for heavier meals. I recommend them 100%.


The nutritional support offered by Cathy enabled me to face the various oncological treatments with greater serenity, while retaining the energy I needed. The side effects of chemotherapy were reduced. The proposed diet plan also took into account my personal tastes and helped me understand the need to adapt my diet to my needs. Good nutrition is care in its own right! Thank you Cathy! I've just finished the treatments, but I always take your good advice into account!


Since I went to see Cathy, my life has changed completely. My goal was to improve my lifestyle and become a healthier and happier person. Cathy not only made that happen, she is helping me lose weight and feel very happy with my achievements, to be happy with my body and my diet. It's been many years since I felt so good about myself both physically and mentally.

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